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Karl Morris Testimonial

I had been putting on a vast amount of weight over the period of four or five years and it was really getting me down. Inside I knew I wanted to eat healthy and workout to keep fit but working in a fast paced job that required lots of travel played havoc with my diet choices and really restricted me from working out. When I met Lisa her determined and much focused attitude towards health and fitness really inspired me and it wasn't long before she provided me with training plans to suit my lifestyle and diet tips to really turn on the weight loss. At first I thought it may be like all the other health and fitness plans out there (which in my mind were fads) but it quickly started to work in my favour. 12 months later and I was 3.5 stone lighter and the happiest and healthiest I had ever been in my whole life.

The big learning curve for me started with understanding the importance of weight training coupled with interval cardio training. For years I had just been plodding away doing the odd long session on a bike or cross trainer but did not really see any difference, then I started doing the weights programs and combined them with shorter but more intensive cardio sessions and the weight literally started to fall off.

To add to this, I really cleaned my diet up and became vegetarian which for a previous meat eater was a world apart from what I was used to but seeing the weight drop off and realising the ethical choices I was previously ignoring, only fuelled me to carry on down this path. For me another big turning point was learning the importance of a high protein diet and this doesn't have to be hard for non meat eaters as there are lots of choices out there now. I minimised the carbs and took them only when needed around training and this really worked for me, I felt it played a big part in giving me a more chiselled physique.

I was also introduced to the world of supplements. Previous to meeting Lisa, I wasn't even taking a daily multi vitamin but that soon changed and I quickly established a list of vitamins and minerals that worked well for me and complemented my diet and perhaps more importantly my training sessions whilst keeping me free from injury and illness.

Staying on track with all of these areas obviously requires a little bit of discipline and motivation which is something I admit I wasn't the best at but motivation is Lisa's middle name and she very quickly got me singing to the same song sheet. Now I don't need anybody to motivate me to go to the gym or eat healthy, its all naturally there now as I am so pleased with result and the new me. Now that this plan and this way of life has been summarised into a book, I will be buying it for my mates who frequently ask me how I came to lose the weight and ended up looking so good!

Karl Morris


Karl Morris